Thursday, 5 November 2009

Coen Bros Trailers

I worked for a cinema around a decade ago. During that year lots of films came and went but what I remember watching most was the trailer for The Big Lebowski. We played it for a couple of months and would drop what we were doing in order to bask in its trippy, slacker beauty. After stirring ourselves up into a frenzy of excitement about the film it was never actually shown there, we had to pay (pah) to see it at another cinema. But The Big Lebowski trailer was something to delight in when a job was otherwise dreary and monotonous.

Now, when I go to a cinema I have higher expectations. I am paying to see a film not working for minimum wage. So why is it that I am feeling tormented by the Coens when they have satisfied so well in the past? In the last few weeks I've had the displeasure to see the trailer for A Serious Man several times and it is making me mad. As the character's head is shoved rhythmically into a blackboard we the viewers get the feeling of being smacked about. It's not funny, it's not interesting and is the complete antithesis of The Dude's hallucinations. Without the trailer I may have gone to see the film. But now? I want to shove someone's head repeatedly into a blackboard.

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